What are the different labels for glazing?

What are the different labels for glazing?

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Answer: two labels to guarantee your level of requirement.

Two labels guarantee the performance of your glazing. They go beyond the European product standard EN 1279. This validates the conformity of insulating glass. With it, insulating glass certainly saves energy. It preserves the health and safety of the consumer. The Acotherm label, issued by the Scientific and Technical Center for Building, guarantees the degree of acoustic and thermal insulation of your glazing. The thicker your window, the better you fight against noise pollution. The thicker the air between the panes, the more your thermal insulation is guaranteed. Cekal certification is issued by the eponymous association. It studies the quality of insulating glass, laminated glass and tempered glass. It validates their performance in three sectors: insulation, acoustics and solidity. This last point also makes it possible to determine the durability of your glazing according to its resistance to humidity and UV. You too, send us your brico question