How deep is a Canadian well?

How deep is a Canadian well?

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Answer: from 1.20 to 2 meters.

The pipes of the Canadian well must be buried in the ground at a depth between 1.20 m and 2 m, the most common depth being 1.50 m. At this depth, the temperature remains constant. The soil temperature is also colder in summer and warmer in winter than on the surface. The air passing through the pipes will therefore be naturally heated or cooled depending on the season. By then being blown into the home, it will provide heating or cooling. The depth of the Canadian well will be determined by the characteristics of the soil, in particular its heat capacity. It is also necessary to take into account the possible presence of groundwater or stagnant water, both of which are harmful to the piping. Note also that the installation of the pipes is more or less easy depending on the nature of the soil. Rock, for example, is much harder to dig than clay soil. You too, send us your brico question

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