What energy to choose for a boiler floor heating?

What energy to choose for a boiler floor heating?

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Answer: a condensing boiler (or cogeneration) is preferred, but wood or electricity (provided that it is combined with a heat pump) are also advantageous.

Several types of energy are possible for your boiler supplying a heated floor. Clearly, the electrical energy is to be discarded because of the necessary consumption, unless it is associated with a heat pump, in this case it can become just as advantageous as the other solutions. If you are connected to city gas, the gas-fired condensing boiler will undoubtedly be the best option if you consider its exceptional performance (or a cogeneration boiler if you can afford it). Another very interesting energy: wood. Even better, in connection with a solar installation. Not only is the yield very good, but it is also environmentally friendly. Energy savings are important, and you can benefit from a tax credit. You too, send us your question brico Sanding a parquet Our practical DIY videos