Mistakes to Avoid During a Move

Mistakes to Avoid During a Move

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Moving often brings a lot of stress and requires a foolproof organization. Prepare your boxes, think about the next accommodation, do not neglect cleaning before leaving, there are some tips to approach it calmly. Need advice not to find yourself drowned on D-Day? Here are 5 mistakes to avoid.

Mistake # 1: Prepare your boxes on D-Day

The number one rule when moving is of course to organize! So no question of preparing your boxes the morning of the move. In order not to find yourself overwhelmed with the old one, you can for example do one or two each day for a week. This will allow you to save time, to approach this move more serenely. In addition, on D-Day, you will be able to devote yourself to the last little adjustments, and above all you will have time to guide the movers who will still have all their favorite objects in their hands!

Mistake # 2: Misjudging the volume to be moved

During your last move, you went from a studio to a 3-room apartment ... so you will of course need a truck with a larger volume to be able to take in all your new business. In order not to be mistaken, there are websites on the internet that allow you to calculate the overall volume of furniture that you will have to move. Convenient !

Mistake # 3: Neglecting your moving company

Not all moves happen without breakage, so it's important to choose your moving company well. Educate yourself well before entrusting your furniture, and above all take it in advance! To get the best price, ask for quotes from at least three companies. It is also necessary to favor those affiliated to the French Federation of Movers or those who have an Afnor NF Service certification. Know that word-of-mouth remains the best ally to select it.

Mistake # 4: Forget about cleaning

When you are going to move, you will not be able to miss a big part of cleaning. You must leave new arrivals clean, so plan to leave a few cleaning tools outside the boxes. Paper towel rolls, bucket, sponges, tea towels, cleaning products and especially large trash bags to throw everything you do not want to take in your new home.

Mistake n ° 5: Failure to make an inventory

The inventory is often taken lightly, however it can avoid many complications with your landlord. After a few years, small damage that you no longer even see can give rise to repairs that could be retained on your deposit. Pay attention, and fill the holes in the walls, clean the stains on the floor, repair the door handles and any faucet leaks. Also remember to take stock of the situation as soon as you arrive in your new accommodation and to note black on white any small deterioration to make your task easier during the next move.