I discover machine sewing: sewing kit and learning tips

I discover machine sewing: sewing kit and learning tips

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Having a sewing machine is obviously essential to practice sewing but it will not be enough. You will need other essential tools to work well.

A full sewing box…

Buy, collect or make a pretty sewing box and place it inside: a pair of scissors for news: 739845 fabric and a pair of scissors for notching (to notch your news: 739845 fabric and avoid it does not unravel), a seam ripper (to undo unwanted seams…), a set of pins with a round head and a support for stitching them (you will see, it will greatly facilitate your work to have them at your fingertips on a support!), a chalk or a pencil which is easily erased to mark marks on your news: 739845 fabric, a tape measure to easily measure your pieces of news: 739845 fabric, machine needles of different sizes, suitable for sewing different fabrics, spools of threads of different colors and bobbins. Finally, if you want to work with appliqué, temporary glue for news: 739845 fabric will not be useless.

Learn to sew

Sewing is a technical discipline, and that says technical, says specific vocabulary ... To make it easier for you to understand a news item: 739839 sewing pattern, you will need to familiarize yourself with certain terms. For example, you will need to know what a frame is and what it means to squeeze in or overcast… Familiarize yourself also with the essential gestures of machine sewing, gestures that you will repeat hundreds of times later: put on your machine, change the needle and fill cans for example.

Take control of your machine

It will also be essential for you to know the various settings of your machine well before launching head down. It will certainly seem very boring to read the manual, but you will soon realize that this is a compulsory step to be able to sew correctly! Take the time, (even if you are in a hurry to attack!) To try out the various settings and points, on various fabrics. Test the pedal and learn to sew at regular speed, practice guiding your actu: 739845 fabric without pulling it, make straight seams then curved seams, straight stitches, zig zag stitches, stretch stitches… In short, practice! Finally, before making your own sewing patterns, get your hands on simple creations, using well explained tutorials and whose templates are ready!