The orangery spirit, the charm of yesteryear

The orangery spirit, the charm of yesteryear

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Certain trends pass as quickly as they arrived. In a few months they surge to quickly become a distant memory. And there are others who on the contrary do not age and remain for years. Their secret? They are timeless. They respond to a desire that affects all generations and they do not lend themselves to the game of the news. Also, the editorial staff wanted to zoom in on the orangery style which has long been on the decoration scene and which continues to charm us.

A decorative spirit that comes from the Renaissance

You have to go back to the Renaissance to discover the first orangeries. Born in Italy, the orangery is a building composed of beautiful and vast arcades which were dressed in glass to become closed and glazed spaces. The tall windows that make up these buildings have been designed to bring in the sun and its warmth in winter and, on the contrary, in summer, directly above the building, the latter cannot enter. Oriented south to capture a maximum of light beneficial to the plants, the main utility of the orangery was to accommodate the plants in pots fearing frost. Thus, lemon trees, orange trees (hence its name) or palm trees were wisely arranged in this sumptuous residence while waiting for the return of sunny days.

The orangery style today

Today we find this style in the house. This spirit is mainly inspired by the large openings that made up the orangeries: rounded shape at the top, small tiles and XXL dimensions. Rest assured, there is no need to change your windows! It is possible to recreate this atmosphere by betting on large trumeau mirrors incorporating the attributes of these sumptuous bay windows. The champions: Maisons du Monde. The brand offers three different versions. One in wood, will appeal more to lovers of romantic decor, the other in black metal creates a more contemporary effect, and the last in white metal more responds to a refined and feminine style. Everything will therefore depend on your decor!

Decorative side

To meet the charm of this style, bet on wrought iron. Beautifully shaped with scrolls, the wrought iron echoes the romantic spirit associated with orangeries. We can imagine in a corner of the living room or the terrace, a round table in wrought iron accompanied by its chairs and armchairs, so that in the manner of a glass roof, a relaxation area takes shape. Then to perfect the spirit, bet on a profusion of green plants that recreate the much desired atmosphere of a real orangery. Yucca, ficus or indoor palm trees can reach up to 3 meters in height. Easily adaptable, they reproduce the orangery effect on their own. And to coordinate this style, bet on light shades that reflect light or the soft pastel tones that go perfectly with the trend. On your palette will appear sugared pink, sky blue, straw yellow or celadon green. Our practical gardening videos