What color should you give as decoration in July?

What color should you give as decoration in July?

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July is the summer month par excellence! In principle warm and sunny, it allows you to settle in the garden as much as possible. So at the start of summer, we give you the ideal colors for this season to make the most of the best days of the year. On the program: 3 color codes to adopt according to your summer habits.

Color code n ° 1: summer is party time!

For you, summer is above all a festive season which allows you to have many barbecues, and other garden parties around the pool. And if summer is synonymous with cheerfulness, it must also be in your decor. Suddenly, you will not hesitate to draw the colors that will put a good mood in your interior as in your garden. Not only will you then bet on very bright and warm colors like red, orange or fuchsia but you will not hesitate to mix them for an ultra-decorative color block effect. In the garden it goes through garden furniture that multiplies the colors and in the house, you dare colorful walls as well as accessories that set the tone like cushions on the sofa

Color code n ° 2: summer is living outside!

You don't envision summer locked in your interior. And since you are lucky enough to own a garden, you only come home to sleep because it is in nature that you flourish the most. Suddenly, the colors of your interior but also of your exterior must give pride of place to this nature that you cherish so much. Your color code: plant and natural. You will understand, your favorite color is then green which you can decline in multiple shades which will offer you a pretty very natural shades. To complete your decor, natural colors such as beige do not fail to soften the atmosphere for a very Zen style. In the garden, the furniture plays the natural card and accessorizes with green textiles. And in the house, the jungle trend settles in your living room for a very exotic decor.

Color code n ° 3: summer is heat!

As normal, July is quite hot and that's what you enjoy! But suddenly in your decor, you want to bring the temperature down with refreshing colors that will help you to appreciate all the more the summer season. Your decor is then dressed in the pastel trend which highlights soft colors and tie and dye (degraded) which offer a cocktail of freshness at home. The preferred color to adopt? It is blue because not only will it give a feeling of freshness at home but it will also allow you to evoke holidays and offer you an ultra trendy interior thanks to its many shades available in paint and decorative accessories. Of course, do not hesitate to combine it with white for an even more refreshing effect in your interior! In the garden, your color code will first and foremost involve accessories such as cushions but also flower pots for example. Our practical garden videos


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