Video: watering your plants during your absence

Video: watering your plants during your absence

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Summer is here and like many, you will certainly leave your home to take a few days of vacation. Unfortunately, your neighbor intends to do the same and no one will be available to water the plants that you have taken so long to maintain. And as summer rhymes with sun, the hot weather may be fatal. To avoid finding your garden in tatters when you return, there are a few devices that allow your plants to be watered during your absence. Julian, a florist in the Paris region, details the different solutions available to you.

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Porous ceramic tips

When you leave your home for several days, you can use small devices that screw on the necks of plastic bottles. These are porous ceramic tips allowing water to diffuse in small quantities during the day. This solution does not provide abundant watering to your plants, but it has the advantage of providing moisture to the soil that welcomes them, thus allowing them not to die of thirst during your absence.

Automatic watering

Outdoors, nothing will be as effective as automatic watering. You still need to have a tap available. This system will distribute the water in the necessary quantity and at regular periods. Easy to use, it is also increasingly affordable. However, it is strongly advised to inquire with a professional for the choice of tips, pipes and the small motor that allows the device to work. You now have a few solutions to water your plants during your absence. From now on, you will no longer find them completely dried out when you return from vacation, and will not start from scratch in the flowering of your garden! Find Watering your plants during an absence on Produced by Minute Facile.