Deco mistakes to avoid with gifts for newborns

Deco mistakes to avoid with gifts for newborns

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After the baby shower, birth! A happy event which again involves the purchase of pretty gifts. After 9 months of waiting, baby deserves to be spoiled! Except that once in store, several questions paralyze us. Can we dare a decorative gift? How not to fall into the déjà vu? How can I avoid buying duplicate products? Here are our responses.

To think that decorative gifts should be banned

The child was born. Quick, we run to buy a piece of clothing or a soft toy. Next to the bodysuits and pajamas department, there is one for baby decor accessories. Do not hesitate ! A decorative accessory is more original than one more piece for his wardrobe, already well supplied until his 6 months. In addition, the choice of a decorative accessory will bring charm and tenderness to the intimate space of baby: his room! Starting your life in a pretty world is still funnier! So yes, decorating the baby's room is at least as important as dressing it well. In conclusion, opt for a decorative gift!

Falling into banality

Mistake number 2: offer a boat gift. If we want to make a strong impression and mark the memories (of parents or even of the baby when he will grow up), it is on the originality that we put, not on the already seen and reviewed. Take the fluff. All his entourage will offer him! To offer the one who will become her comforter, you will have to be a little lucky (or choose the softest of materials). Choose a stuffed animal trophy instead! A nice way to revisit the "comforter" in unusual and maxi trendy version. Personalized gifts also deserve our full attention. With a cushion bearing the first letter of the baby name, or even his full name, you are sure to mark the spirits of many years. And it's not over. If you are connected to creative hobbies, why not make yourself an object intended to embellish the room of the newborn? A garland made using masking tape or a bouquet of paper lanterns will be perfect.

Offer duplicate products

Wearing the same dress as another at a wedding is average. Giving the same birth gift as another person is the same! Obviously, when you want to stand out, the best way to miss is to buy a product that has already been offered. Find out before shopping about what the child's relatives and parents have already purchased. Also ask what the newborn baby's room looks like: style, color… Once this precious information has been collected, take action by choosing an original, unique, personalized decorative gift…