The right watering system for my garden

The right watering system for my garden

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Depending on the size of your garden and the time you devote to it, you do not choose the same watering system. Sylvie Manni, communication manager at Gardena, presents the different methods to us.

Which watering system should be favored for a balcony, a terrace or a small garden?

For one or two planters, a watering can is enough. But when you start to multiply the pots, watering often becomes a constraint. We don't have time to water regularly or we forget. Several solutions are available to you. First there is the hose, fitted with connectors to adapt it to a tap. But it is not very aesthetic. More practical and more discreet, there are the drip kits, consisting of a programmer, a thin hose and drippers. They are generally designed to water about five planters. You need a water supply, which can be a tap or a rainwater collector, and an electrical outlet.

How do you water when you have grass?

If the lawn area is not too large, you can opt for traditional watering by hand using a hose. You need the connection to connect to a tap, the hose, of course, and a wall or wheel dispenser. For a larger area, you have the choice between an oscillating or rotary sprinkler, to be used with or without a programmer. And finally, for those who prefer a more discreet system, there are now underground sprinklers for individuals. But that requires digging trenches.

What is the price of such sprinkler systems?

The more sophisticated the system, the more expensive it is. At Gardena, we find drip kits from around thirty euros, from hose with portable hose reel and connectors from around forty euros, and from around fifty euros with a wheeled reel. For more sophisticated watering systems, it all depends on the surface of the garden. To know more :