Meeting with Lesley Pennington, creator of Bemz

Meeting with Lesley Pennington, creator of Bemz

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If you don't know Bemz yet, go straight to the brand's website to find covers for Ikea furniture, but not only because they also offer many textile accessories for the home. While in Paris for the launch of new fabrics in partnership with Designers Guild, the designer of Bemz Lesley Pennington met us to tell us about her state of mind.

If you were a color?

I will choose indigo blue, it's my color! You know, no matter how many times I change my favorite color, which happens very often, I always come back to blue. There is really something I like about this color. But my interior is not blue! Right now he's Scandinavian-style white with hints of red and orange to add warmth. We do however have a house in Thailand and there is a lot of indigo blue.

If you were a motif?

This is a difficult question ! I think I would like to be a digitally printed pattern. I am very enthusiastic about digital printing because this technique has opened up many possibilities in terms of pattern design. It pushes the boundaries of traditional printing and we can be much more creative today.

If you were a Swedish piece of furniture?

There are a lot of incredible Swedish designers but I think I have to say Ikea furniture. Right now, I like the Söderhamn sofa but if I were to be a sofa, I would probably be a Klippan.

If you were a home textile?

I have to say that I would be flax. I love this fabric because it is natural and ecological, it is produced in a good way and it is good for the planet. It is a very beautiful textile which is also very trendy. I love it for everything: the house, the clothes…

What are your inspirations for fabric collections?

My inspirations are mostly Scandinavian but I am also interested in the trends that we can see in fashion. I don't want to copy fashion but follow it closely. For this collection, it is of course the strong trend in linen that inspired me.

What is the trend for this summer?

Nordic-inspired pastels are trendy but also neon colors. At the same time, white is becoming very popular again. But be careful not just any white, it must be very pure. And blue, in all its nuances, remains a basic trend.

What did you like about Designers Guild?

I love the unusual combinations offered by Tricia Guild both in colors and in patterns. She offers associations that most people would not have dared. And it allows you to do very creative things. I love its iconic patterns but also its new linens and its tie and dye collection.

What will be the next innovations?

At the end of August, Bemz will offer tailor-made curtains from the textiles we offer. They will be available in four different heads. In terms of dimensions, we could go up to 1.5m wide but above all 6m high. This is a real novelty because until now people had only the choice between already made curtains or very expensive custom-made solutions. We offer a real intermediate solution. In the meantime, you can find the 100% linen range in new Designers Guild shades. It applies to sofa covers, cushions as well as bedspreads and other products. > Find Lesley on