10 original placeholder ideas to make yourself

10 original placeholder ideas to make yourself

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To refine the table decoration of a particular event (birthday, baptism, engagement ...), nothing like place cards! And if you ever run out of ideas, here are 10 ideas to save you.

Improvise a place card with a sheet

To go hand in hand with your 100% natural table decoration or to instill in it the vegetable touch that it lacks, write the names of your hosts on pressed and then dried tree leaves!

Turn a postcard into a place card

If you have a nice lot of unused postcards (whether they are arty, poetic, culinary, exotic ...), it may be time to find a proper function for it. On the back, note the first names (possibly accompanied by a note) and post the set between the plate and the glasses!

On a piece of fabric

Take some scraps of cloth. Cut them into small rectangles (with patterned scissors, it's even better) and pierce them using a hole punch. This will allow you to pass a pretty ribbon to tie everything (once the names have been registered) around the cutlery!

On the napkin

We don't choose them for this reason, but one of the good points of paper napkins is that we can write on them! Using a marker, we do not hesitate to divert them into disposable place cards.

On a label

The pretty labels have the chic to make a hyper sophisticated table decoration. Our favorite versions can be found at Merci! It remains to choose a staging: around the cutlery, in "napkin ring" mode ...

On an aperitif peak

Make way for creativity! On small pieces of paper, we write the first names of the guests, then we pierce them at both ends to thread them with aperitif peaks. These will be balanced on the glass, and voila!

On the glass feet

Here is a fun mission for toddlers: cut circles out of cardboard having previously used stemware to draw their pattern. We let them write down the names of the guests, then we cut each round from the end to the center, and we put them on the glasses!

With a clothespin

Small pieces of paper or fabric on which we write words and first names and which we hang on water glasses, on the plate, using a clothespin: it's simple, chic and effective !

On a pebble

In the vein of "natural table decor", we also like the transformation of pebbles into place cards. After a fine selection by the sea (rather small and well polished pebbles), we use a black marker to write the first names of the guests present.

On a flower

Nothing is more romantic and poetic than putting a label displaying the first name of the person to whom it belongs, on a rose or another flower! Come on, it's time to take action!


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