Should you pan a stove from the top or from the bottom?

Should you pan a stove from the top or from the bottom?

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Answer: both are possible, the method to be followed is indicated on the instructions for each model by the manufacturer.

Previously, it was necessary to use the service of a professional, but the new products put on the market in recent years allow you to proceed with the casing of the stove by yourself, provided you follow the safety rules that are indicated on the product. It is possible to tub a stove from the top as well as from the bottom, if this is originally planned by the manufacturer. Be sure to check this on the package leaflet. The choice is totally yours. In terms of difficulty or procedure to follow, this amounts to exactly the same. Note that you will need to use a tee if the nozzle is located behind the device. Attach the tubing to the vent using the clamps provided in the package, and don't forget to install a chimney tee. You too, send us your brico question