"Tennis" trend: when decoration is preparing for Roland Garros

"Tennis" trend: when decoration is preparing for Roland Garros

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In a month, Rolland Garros, the most Frenchy of tennis tournaments, will once again thrill fans of the racket sport. A loyal audience to which the editorial staff of déco.fr has chosen to pay tribute. How? 'Or' What ? Through a match of decorative ideas in 3 sets for which it is up to everyone to elect the winners…

Decorative accessories in the shape of tennis rackets

Whether you have a particular admiration for tennis or are a fan of unusual decor, objects displaying a racket silhouette do not leave us indifferent. They even wow us! It remains to be seen where to find it. For our part, we had two real favorites, including one on the site denicheuse.com. On the program: mirrors set in the oval of tennis rackets; and not just any racket! All in wood and dating from the 70s / 80s, they inject a highly vintage and inventive style into object diversion. Second location? Cutting boards imagined by designer Julie Gaillard, also in the shape of wooden rackets. On the table or in the kitchen, they do not go unnoticed, even less by athletes, beginners, regulars or inveterate!

Sports equipment staged

Another possibility to infuse the passion "tennis" in the ambient decor? Staging the equipment required in this discipline. We think for example to hang the rackets of the whole tribe on the wall (one nail per racket). The idea: assign them a style, graphic, linear or other according to their layout: in rows, oblique, alternating (head up, head down, head up ... and so on). Tennis balls, beautifully presented, also have the power to become decorative accessories. You just have to place all those you have in one, two or three glass containers aligned next to each other or even transform them into real objects. Hooks for example! We pierce them carefully, then plant them in as many wall nails as desired, and voila.

The short as direct inspiration

Impossible not to be inspired by Rolland Garros and tennis courts in general to bring the "racket sport" trend into your home. In a teenage bedroom or in the garage, the mandatory floor markings can be revisited. A pot of special white floor paint and painter's tape in hand and we start! The net occupying the center of the field also deserves attention. By hanging it on a wall, it could become an original and practical storage area since with or without small hooks, you hang scarves, hats and other decorative accessories! As for the referee's high chair, benches reserved for coaches and ball collectors, designer Pierre Charpin drew two exceptional pieces of furniture identical to the initial inspirations, to be found at Tectona. The trend setter François Bernard had even exposed them on his course of inspiration "Hors piste" at the 2012 edition of the legendary Maison & Objet show…


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