Sticker headboards

Sticker headboards

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You are not looking for a headboard, but the simple visual effect that there is one. The idea: to give height and relief to the sleeping area. An easy goal to achieve at lower prices with carefully chosen stickers. Our top list, here it is.

For a natural headboard

Want a reduced headboard that smells of natural softness? The ideas to steal are many and varied. We first think of plants with an adhesive version. Small flowers that are assembled so as to crown the bed with a bucolic garland, grass that is placed above the bedding to invite the garden into the bedroom, a cherry branch or a flower oversized (a poppy for example) to be affixed over the entire length to plant softness and femininity. Pebble stickers also have the gift of creating well-being and a Zen spirit. All you have to do is arrange them in an arc or in rows around the bed and the escape towards the open Atlantic takes place. But that's not all ! You can also form a palisade of bamboo or pine to create the illusion of a vegetable or wooded headboard. Does that give you ideas?

For a romantic headboard

In the same vein as a natural headboard, models aspiring to romanticism give pride of place to poetry. We prefer arched adhesives because they are more voluptuous (for example a semicircle with a diameter equal to the size of the bed) or patterns evoking a certain form of romanticism: a frieze with ornamental patterns, geometric curves suggesting a small "Thousand and one nights ", the trompe-l'oeil of a chic and retro headboard with bars, or even a prestigious Louis XIV style frame, to leave empty or fill in pretty photos.

For an offset headboard

For you, building a headboard with stickers is the opportunity to create one like no other, unusual and offbeat version. In this case, imagine rather multicolored stripes climbing to the middle of the wall. A funny graphic way to breathe color and fantasy into the bedroom. Moreover, arranged diagonally above the bed, these same stripes will offer a rendering twice as funky! But we can go even further, by playing the absurd trompe-l'oeil for example: a grand piano, a giant bar code, comic bubbles to illustrate with pictures or a sentence written from scratch (see the models existing on the Prédeau side). And that's how to waltz the originality of the room!

For an urban style headboard

City lovers have another choice when it comes to stickers serving as headboards: those forming the skyline (silhouette of houses, buildings, monuments) of a city close to their heart Whatever the chosen destination (Paris , New York, Rome, London…), this heap of black on white buildings above the bedding will watch over the nights of its owners under the sign of disorientation and travel… For once the city becomes soothing! Before taking action, check out some inspirational shots below: