Home appliances put the snack in the spotlight

Home appliances put the snack in the spotlight

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The snack has never been as trendy as it is now! With the arrival of foodtrucks in the streets of the capital, eating on the go becomes chic. But no need to go to your favorite snack to offer you a delicious sandwich because the small household appliance offers you its home made version which will not fail to make you travel. A quick overview of the possibilities of "snack at home"!

The sandwich maker: the French version

Indispensable in all breweries, bakeries and other snacks, the croque-monsieur is the hot sandwich French version. At home, it is done very simply thanks to the sandwich maker which allows you to toast the sliced ​​bread while melting the cheese. And for the greediest, these devices often turn into a waffle iron.

The panini maker: Italy in the kitchen

Further south, the sandwiches are tasted in a panini version, that is to say in an elongated white bread filled with ingredients of your choice. Very greedy, these sandwiches allow a real creativity that you can test at home thanks to a sandwich device which allows to press the bread between two hot plates. The good news is that this device allows you to vary the recipes by changing the bread because you can also use brioche, pita bread or Swedish bread. Flavors from all over Europe!

The hot dog machine: the United States at home

Ultra-trendy, hots dogs are gradually replacing the famous hamburger in restaurants. So we do not hesitate to treat ourselves to a funny machine which makes it possible to cook the sausages as well as to pierce and reheat the bread for a hot dog "with small onions". This appliance will be ideal for evenings with friends because you can cook several sausages and the appliance takes care of keeping them warm. Everyone can create their own sandwich at their own pace!