10 ideas of chic and inexpensive garlands to make yourself

10 ideas of chic and inexpensive garlands to make yourself

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To create a whimsical or festive atmosphere, the chic and inexpensive trick is called decorative garland. Whether it is intended to overhang the dining table, to be hung in the children's room or to decorate the garden, the good point of this accessory is that it can be manufactured by us. A good plan to create a sensation at a lower cost! A quick overview of the best homemade ideas to adopt.

With vases

Imagine a bucolic garland made of flowers. To sow a romantic and springtime atmosphere, there is nothing like it! The user manual ? Tie, at the same distance on a large rope, a series of vases, light and miniature. For a better hold, remember to tie them where they flare! Then, fill them with a zest of water before garnishing them with flowers from the garden to sow the charm…

With placemats

The jagged appearance of the placemats inspires creativity. Because by sticking them, folded in half, around a cord, they have the capacity to form a very high fashion garland ... Here is a chic tip 'recuperation and diversion of objects!

With masking tape

The masking tape (or decorative adhesive) is an ally of choice for making a decorative garland in no time. How? 'Or' What ? Cut this adhesive in several forms before gathering each of them (round, star, pointed tips, etc.) around long woolen threads, braided or not. You can even discover a step by step video, here!

With luminous balls

In the boutique "La case du cousin Paul", there is an endless choice of colorful decorative balls. The idea: that each one chooses the association of colors which he likes to compose then, his own personalized light garland.

With pictures

For a birthday, engagement or other party, why not take photos, the raw material of the decor? Easy. All you need is a thread to hang up the laundry, carefully chosen pictures and clothespins to hang them! Result: a highly personalized decorative garland. Memories memories…

With paper

The art of folding called origami, or the simple cutting of playful shapes from card stock (stars, hearts, flowers, animals, cars, etc.) also makes it possible to improvise a pretty decorative garland. The principle is the same as before: hang all these paper creations in succession, on a large piece of string.

With greenery

Even Mother Nature participates in the game of garlands. Because with a climbing plant, fern or ivy, it is easy to improvise very natural decorations running from one tree to another or in the sky from the terrace in the garden…

With fabric

What if we attached strips of patterned fabric to each other? This is a great way to give new life to the textile scraps that we were about to throw!

With decorative balls

Decorative felt or rattan balls? To form a pretty garland full of sweetness, we say yes! Using a long, very long wire, you assemble a multitude, making sure to space them well together, and it's done.

With flags

Cut from newspaper, patterned paper or magazine paper, triangular shapes, called "flags" need only be hung in a row on a long wire to form a festive garland!