Terrace covering: mistakes to avoid!

Terrace covering: mistakes to avoid!

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Do not close doors

Contrary to what one might think, it is not only the floor tile to pose as flooring for his terrace ; there are many other solutions! As for the interior, you can choose between different materials which will each have their properties and characteristics in terms of decoration. Tiling is a good idea if you want to create a unity with your interior that already has this coating. Otherwise, you can install wood outside provided that it is rot-proof or that it has received special treatment. Have you thought about composite wood ? It is a thermoplastic composite material composed of wood fibers and plastic resins. It is trendy because its modern appearance is magnificent! You can also turn to thePierre, whether in slab or in the form of gravel, but also towards the grass synthetic for a more natural style. One order: do not hesitate to explore all the possibilities! Capiche?

Don't take risks with grip

The most important criterion in choosing a coating for the floor of a terrace is theadherence. Indeed, it must be taken into account that the ground will often be wet. Do you have a swimming pool near your terrace? This is all the more true; you might slip and fall…. It is therefore imperative to choose a soil that is non-skid ! And this criterion is especially important to take into account when you choose a tile. The latter must then be adapted to exterior surfaces and benefit from a specific treatment to improve its grip and prevent falls. For the others coatings like wood, composite wood or stone, the danger is less important, but do not hesitate to ask the seller the question before buying. Prevention is better than cure as they say!

Remember to choose a style

To choose your rpatio clothing, you should of course take into account practical maintenance and cleaning considerations, but you should not neglect the style from your terrace. Know that the coating must be in harmony with your garden furniture and especially with the atmosphere you want to give to your space. Wood will give you a rather natural style where composite wood will rather play the contemporary card. The stone is more authentic and is available in many finishes to refine your style. The tiles can also bring you a modern finish with large slabs, or more classic with tiles like tiles. To each his own style !

Do not neglect the brightness

Finally, before you decide, check that the coating that you have chosen will correspond to your home. You should know that the light colors particularly reflect the light and can be dazzling. So, if your terrace is very sunny, it is better to avoid white stones, for example. In the same way, colors like black will keep the heat and can make the sun deck far too hot. Conversely, dark colors can be a good alternative for shaded terraces. In all cases, the ideal is to opt for a intermediate color which will guarantee you better comfort without (too) hot or (too) cold.

That's it ! You know the mistakes to avoid as well as the good selection criteria to make the coating of your terrace and thus embellish it. Once the work is done, do not hesitate to arrange your terrace with some outdoor furniture and various and varied decorative objects if you have not already done so. The afternoons to stroll peacefully under the sun could not delay!