Sally Coulthard opens the doors to the vintage garden

Sally Coulthard opens the doors to the vintage garden

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Garden decorator in England, Sally Coulthard tackles the theme of the vintage garden in her latest work. The opportunity to get to know this enthusiast of recovery, recycling and vintage objects better through a few tips for a successful garden and the presentation of her book "Vintage Garden".

Tell us about your background…

I have training in archeology and restoration of old buildings. Many projects have led me to work on the gardens and they have become as interesting as the constructions themselves. I am not really a gardener, in fact I like garden structures and furniture, but I also love outdoor spaces. "Vintage garden" represents the best part of these two aspects. And since I am passionate about recovery, reusing objects is a big part of my philosophy.

What do you call a vintage garden?

The word vintage can mean many things but for me, it is all the objects that have had a life before. Antiques, flea market finds, old things ... All these things bring beauty to the garden. Then, how you put them together is a matter of personal style, depending on whether you're looking for a chic chateau style or a retro 60s decor. In addition, you can be more serene with vintage because you don't have to worry about funny bumps or scratches as this is part of the story of each object.

Who is this type of garden for?

Anyone who likes to decorate their home with vintage items will love "Vintage Garden". The link between interior and exterior spaces is becoming increasingly blurred. Objects are no longer designed for only the house or only the garden. For example, in the book, my favorite gardens are those where the owner dragged a sofa or an armchair in the garden, lit a wood fire in a stove, placed some old candles and enjoyed a meal under the stars ; it makes me want to be in summer.

How do you decorate a vintage garden?

There are many possibilities to decorate a vintage garden but the key is to mix and match, it is the famous mix and match. There is nothing better ! To stop looking at things in a confused way and find a certain harmony, it is important to find similarities between the different objects: color, lines, shape, pattern ... The book is filled with visual inspirations and tips for getting the right look.

If you were to give only one tip, it would be ...

Give yourself a shelter! Small garden constructions are the top decoration for vintage gardens. A shelter or a greenhouse is the perfect starting point for your garden. It is a place that you can dress to your taste and with your own style. In addition, it is really practical to store all your garden accessories.

Can you give us a vintage garden address to visit?

There are two incredible French gardens in the book and they represent two very different approaches to garden structures. There is the castle style of Dominique Lafourcade with a very chic style, beautiful stone structures, terracotta pots, and plant structures. And there is also the priory of Orsan, more organic, artistic, soothing and inventive. Both are fabulous.