Trend: the checkerboard dresses your interiors!

Trend: the checkerboard dresses your interiors!

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What is the checkerboard?

The checkerboard pattern is a regular alternation of squares of two colors. In theory, it can exist in any color, but its most striking illustration is none other than the black and white drafts board ... and by extension, the checkered pattern the most common is therefore an alternation of black and white tiles. Which can be used with oblique or aligned squares, for a more regular or more dynamic effect!

And in decoration? The best known application in the checkered pattern in decoration can be found on floor coverings, in particular tiling, the tiles of which lend themselves ideally to the motif. Modern coatings are available on PVC floors that are just as elegant but often less expensive. And the wall tiles also offer beautiful variations!

Where do we put it, the checkerboard pattern?

Flooring, okay, but in which room? Honestly, it's all about tastes, since the checkerboard pattern can adapt to all atmospheres. In the kitchen it is perfect in splashback or floor tile. In a corridor, it is unstoppable on the ground to wake up white walls a little too bland. In the living room, it stands out again as a floor covering, as in the bathroom where it energizes space and green plants!

If a rule had to be retained, it would be a matter of controlling the effect of the black and white contrast : in a sleeping room, we opt instead for the checkerboard pattern of cushions, sheets or carpet, just to avoid a decoration too strong and not really relaxing. If the bathroom is small, an accent wall will have more effect than an all-over. And in a large room like the living room, conversely, covering the entire floor may hurt your eyes ... while the checkerboard is ultra-design when it is combined with another coating, from parquet to tiling plain, for a very successful faux carpet!

The right pairings for the checkerboard trend

Since the checkerboard pattern is one that does not go unnoticed, let's take it easy on the decor. It is not necessarily a matter of going for minimalist white, rather of avoiding overloading with massive furniture or heavy shapes. Shall we summarize you? The Scandinavian style goes perfectly with a checkered floor, just like a sleek contemporary style with a touch of industrial. It is also capable of modernizing a retro chic atmosphere or a jungle decor.

In terms of materials, the pattern does wonders with a vegetal decor and a good dose of potted green plants, since the natural atmosphere softens the black and white contrast ... the same goes for natural materials, moreover, rush carpet sea ​​to wooden furniture. And for a more refined note, we put on gold or copper metal, the secret of chic checkerboard ! More unexpected, the lines games with a white metro tiling also have their small effect.

As for the colors? The checkerboard revisited can play it contemporary black and white if it is warmed by gold metal. But most trends combine it with vibrant shades to break up the two-tone duo, whether it is vegetable green, peacock blue, mustard yellow or fuchsia pink. And the decorative effect also works with pastel shades to soften the atmosphere, from mint green to soft pink.