5 essential accessories for the plancha

5 essential accessories for the plancha

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Whether electric or gas, the plancha allows you to make good meals with preserved flavors. Long forgotten, it returns to the front of the stage by offering you a healthy and convivial cuisine as we like with the arrival of the beautiful days. Meat, fish, vegetables and even fruits, you can cook everything! Easy to use, it is still necessary to get some essential accessories. Follow the guide…

A carriage

First accessory absolutely essential to adopt to make the best use of your plancha: a trolley! It makes your life easier since it allows you to transport it easily as well as to store the necessary equipment. In wood or stainless steel, it is essential to choose it with casters to easily move it where you want.

Kitchen utensils

So that the time spent behind your plancha is a pleasure, it is essential to bring the right kitchen utensils. Stainless steel fish or meat spatulas, fork for turning steaks, Japanese knife for cutting vegetables will be your main allies.

An oil sprayer

The big advantage of the sprayer is that it allows you to distribute the oil evenly on your plate before cooking. Also a way to control the amount of oil you put in your dish and keep its "light" side. Warning: a good oil sprayer should mist the oil and not send jets.

A cleaner

You have made your friends happy, but now it's time to get down to business, cleaning the plancha. Start with a scraper spatula to remove the larger, then use a pumice stone with a little water and dishwashing detergent. You will then find your plancha as on the first day!

And an apron!

And to be the most beautiful behind the plancha, don't forget to choose a nice apron. It would be a shame to stain your radiant summer outfit.