The tea towels have ecological fiber

The tea towels have ecological fiber

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The green trend also takes up residence in the kitchen and squeezes into the smallest details since the tea towels are also affected by the phenomenon. But that is not to displease us, since in addition to being respectful of the environment, they are also terribly decorative. A touch of retro, French tradition or in a more Scandinavian spirit, the tea towels are no longer hiding, on the contrary they are a real decorative asset!

Resistant and practical natural materials

Often made of cotton, eco-friendly tea towels are also from organic farming. Rest assured, they wipe just as well as their colleagues and are just as compatible with a machine program at 40 ° or 60 ° degrees. Another very ecological material: linen. This green fiber by nature is biodegradable; its cultivation does not exhaust the soil and requires little fertilizer and water. He has also been an ancestral companion in our homes since Roman times!

But what about the decor?

Rest assured, the eco-friendly tea towels are also very decorative. In linen at "Charvet Editions", they keep their authentic appearance and are available in a retro spirit, very frank with patterns in check, striped or composed of inscriptions. On the Baltic Sea side, Ferm Living, the Danish brand that is constantly talked about at the moment, offers a selection of organic cotton tea towels that rather flirt with color or with patterns that give your kitchen a little Scandinavian air.