4 tips to keep the brightness of your north facing interior

4 tips to keep the brightness of your north facing interior

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Renowned for being cold and not very sunny, the dwellings with a north orientation are unloved. Overcome conventional wisdom by concocting a cozy nest by following these tips to avoid all the traps.

Don't paint your walls white

Rooms facing north naturally benefit from cold light. To warm up the atmosphere, bring color! Opt for warm and cheerful shades like yellow, red, purple or even orange. Be careful not to overload your parts. Dark colors tend to shrink volumes. Paint most of your walls with a light but warm shade and cover the main wall with a darker shade. You will play on contrasts and allow your interior to regain a certain brightness. Preferably also bet on matt paints which tend to attract light and give a cocoon spirit to your interior.

Don't choose your floors at random

To bring warmth to your interior, lay hands on the parquet or carpet and forget the tiles. If however you pinch some for this coating, there exists today a whole range of parquet floors which imitates it perfectly. Parquet is a perfect solution for bringing warmth to a room. To compensate for the lack of natural light, also opt for light colors and warm materials such as bamboo, beech or birch. You can also create a cozy floor by choosing a carpet covering. Also favor light colors such as beige, cream and silky materials.

Don't block your windows

Clear up your natural light sources as much as the windows, the picture windows, the glass doors to let enter as much light as possible into your interior. In addition, decorate your rooms with floor lamps, reading lights and other small auxiliary lamps to bring you comfort in your activities, but also to enhance the lighting. But the quality of your light should not be only functional, multiply the points of light to bring warmth and privacy to your interior.

Do not neglect the decorative accessories

Cushions, throws, curtains, will play to the full in your atmosphere. Choose them in cottony materials that evoke well-being and warmth such as wool, mohair. Also bet on the iridescent spirit of certain fabrics which will return the light.