How to choose a floor heating with water?

How to choose a floor heating with water?

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Answer: you must call a professional to carry out a thermal study of the accommodation.

To choose the right hydraulic heated floor, the most delicate step for individuals remains the thermal study of the accommodation and the dimensioning of the floor. Due to the complexity of the calculations to be performed, the passage by a professional is essential. Only the aesthetic and practical questions remain for the owner. For example, the heat source. You can choose between a boiler, a heat pump or solar. Two types of boilers are particularly recommended because of their efficiency and output: the condensing boiler and the cogeneration boiler. As far as the heat pump is concerned, only the air-water model is suitable for underfloor heating. Finally, solar will not cover all the needs of the floor, so it will need a backup source. You too, send us your brico question


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