Top trendy decorative gifts!

Top trendy decorative gifts!

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This year, Christmas will be decorative or not! Also we put on 100% decorative gifts with trendy objects that will surely please. Here is our top 10 to offer this year.

A Tam Tam stool for a teenager

It is both an aesthetic and practical stool that will serve as an extra bedside table, footrest from the bed or stool for the office. It will certainly seduce you with its original colors and timeless lines.

A Pantone storage box for a maniac aunt

Your aunt loves to tidy up, then offer her a trendy storage box that uses Pantone color codes. It is very decorative and more practical since each color can correspond to a type of storage.

Crumpled cups for a coffee-loving uncle

To make Uncle drink coffee chic, we offer him the crumpled coffee cups that have dusted off the design of the end of the meal.

A scented candle for a Zen sister

Does your sister swear by meditation and natural products? A Compagnie de Provence candle, simple and refined, will inevitably please him to take his mind on a journey through scents.

A patch of grass for a very natural father

Does your father want to live in the countryside? Offer him a highly trendy patch of grass to satisfy his desires for nature.

A digital post it for your spouse

Are you not coming home at the same time as your spouse? Offer him a digital post-it that will allow you to leave him video messages to accompany his return home.

A wooden radio for your eco-friendly brother

Back to basics with a radio that uses bamboo instead of traditional plastic as materials. This should appeal to your brother who is particularly concerned about the environment.

A decorative cushion for your girlfriend

So that your girlfriend is comfortably installed during your next TV nights at her house, offer her a beautiful, very soft cushion!

An original lamp for your designer friend

To offer an original object to your friend who is well versed in design, we put on the Take lamp by Kartell which boldly revisits the traditional lamp.

A fun corkscrew for a couple of friends

Do you often go for an aperitif with a couple of friends? Offer a playful corkscrew so that they think of you with each uncorked bottle.