Pub motifs invade the decor

Pub motifs invade the decor

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You don't have to be a placoemaillophile (collector of enameled plates) or gustiférophile (collector of food boxes) to appreciate decorative objects inspired by the world of advertising. First displayed on the walls of cities, these advertisements were able to conquer our spirit and our heart to finally reach the walls of our interiors. Discover how brands have become real signatures for home decor.

A childhood memory

Among the brands that have most successfully seduced us with their advertising objects, we note that many of them are linked to childhood memories: Banania, Cadum, Menier chocolate or La Vache Qui Rit. All these products remind us of delicious smells and it is probably for this reason that the sight of their images or slogans do us so much good. At Banania for example, it's the whole breakfast that can be served with the bowl, the milk jug or the sugar bowl. With La Vache Qui Rit, the smile is contagious, especially on coasters or espresso cups.

The Bistro trend

Many advertising items were first seen in cafes and bistros. First created for professionals, these objects were so successful that individuals wished to have them at home. This is the case for big brands of drinks and their special glasses like Coca-Cola or Schweppes. We never tire of Perrier pin-ups who can decorate metal boxes. As for Coca-Cola, the choice is vast between the duvet cover, the bar stool or the serving tray. What sparkle its decor!