In adolescence, we dare a dark room!

In adolescence, we dare a dark room!

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Adolescence is a difficult time for everyone. We seek a certain freedom and at the same time we question ourselves a lot! When we are in rebellion, there is nothing better than a room that looks like us to take refuge! We remove the bright colors to make room for black which is a more appropriate color for this state of mind. By stopping however the prejudices on black because it is above all a timeless color, chic and sober: everything is a question of dosage!

A bedroom with black furniture

You should already know that depending on the material or material used, black will give off a different atmosphere! It is for this reason that we advise you to choose furniture with different materials whose only common thread will be the color black. A plexi desk is interesting to combine with a leather armchair and a wooden bookcase. As for the bed, if it is made of metal, it must be made more cozy with a chic duvet cover, in black satin. Next to the bed, on the bedside table a "touch" lamp, black of course is suggested because it is in adolescence that technology is best used!

Black paint on the walls

We can put this color forward differently, by painting a section of wall in the bedroom or only a door frame: Even better, a slate painting allows to express, to write feelings and to have words of his friends! Another option is a magnetic black paint which allows you to fix a timetable or photos with magnets. Be careful that the room is not too dark! That's good, black goes well with all colors!