The mineral in the spotlight in the home

The mineral in the spotlight in the home

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Among the materials that come into play in decoration, the mineral is increasingly talked about. Whether as a raw material for the home or as a decorative effect in a room, stone in all its forms captivates for its raw and authentic appearance that fits into all styles of decoration. Zoom on this trend to follow.

Mineral as a return to basics

In September 2012, the Maison & Objet trade show set the tone for the trend of the coming months in terms of decoration. With the theme "essential", the show highlighted a certain return to the natural and the sure values ​​of our world. In the home, this translates into durable and simple materials that hurt frills. In this context, stone appears as the ideal material for the simplicity found in the home. Zen interior or highly design decoration, stone can modernize to become a must of our interiors while combining simplicity and character thanks to its raw appearance.

Stone throughout the house

In the house, stone is coming back! We appreciate again the exposed stone walls and we no longer hesitate to use facing stones to bring the mineral into our home. And to top it all, the stone walls are part of all trends. Thus, we can afford a wall of black stones in a designer interior, beige stones and irregularly in a charming interior or white stones like briquettes in an interior with loft accents. Mineral therefore appears to be a new essential in decoration. On the ground, if pure stone is used less, the mineral aspect is not to be outdone. Concrete is then used to recall the color of the stone. Waxed concrete is then installed on the floor but also in the kitchen where it finds its place on the work surface or the furniture. Moreover, in the kitchen also the mineral spirit is all the rage and there are many work plans that are inspired by stone in dark tones.

The stone trompe l'oeil version

And since the stone is so popular, it is available on all supports for a trompe l'oeil effect more real than life. For floors, you will find mineral effects in all coatings. Laminate will for example imitate scratched concrete and the tiles will give the illusion of blue stone just like vinyl floors which are the kings of bluffing. On the walls the trend also follows with wallpapers which imitate the facing walls to avoid the works generated by the installation of real facing stones. There are rustic and other more modern versions that will better suit a designer interior with a black or white finish. Finally, to refine your decor, you will find many original objects which imitate stone in the manner of the famous Livingstone cushions by Stéphanie Marin which take up the shape of pebbles for a very Zen interior.