Table decoration in brunch mode

Table decoration in brunch mode

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To make your Sundays sweeter, nothing like a brunch with friends or family. But for that, you need the dishes suitable for this particular meal. So for a successful brunch table, follow our advice.

What is brunch?

Contrast of "breakfast" and "lunch", brunch is a meal which combines breakfast and lunch and which is taken between 11h and 15h. It combines sweet and savory and it is especially designed for people who wake up late on Sunday morning for whom it is already too late to have breakfast. On the brunch table, you will find the typical breakfast drinks, pastries and other toast but also salty dishes around the egg mainly (shell, scrambled, omelette).

Brunch dishes

You will understand, to set up a brunch table, it is therefore necessary to mix the elements of breakfast and lunch. For drinks, you will therefore need coffee cups, tea cups and tall glasses for fruit juices. For those who want milk or cereals, you will have to think of bowls. Then, as for a normal meal, arrange plates and cutlery but add elements that will correspond to the dishes served. So do not neglect the egg cups and the baskets of service for bread and pastries. You can serve brunch on a tray or snack boards for the breakfast effect. Do not hesitate to multiply the dishes to create a very gourmet buffet effect.


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