Tulikivi: chimney stoves with water heater system

Tulikivi: chimney stoves with water heater system

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Tulikivi, the world's leading manufacturer of heat-accumulating steatite fireplaces, is launching a water heater system, the Green W10, to heat floors, additional rooms and even preheat domestic hot water.

The Tulikivi process

The Tulikivi process consists in controlling heat thanks to radiation. This heating technique, a Tulikivi specialty, guarantees a healthier home by stabilizing the humidity and reducing the circulation of air in the home. It has a direct impact on comfort in the room, especially for people with allergies or asthma. Soapstone, a stone of volcanic origin, has exceptional thermal qualities and allows heat to accumulate to restore it over time. The result of the Tulikivi technology and soapstone combination is that 2 to 4 hours of combustion gives 12 to 24 hours of heating. In addition, Tulikivi fireplaces are compatible with all species of wood, including conifers.

Green W10, an ecological water heater system for stoves

The new generation stoves offered by Tulikivi have a double jacket structure, which allows them to add the Green W10 system, a water circulation heat exchanger. The water then circulates in the heat exchanger, transferring part of the heat stored in the stove to other networks: heated floors, hot water tanks, in particular. There is therefore less energy required to reach the desired temperature in these networks. Particularly ecological, the Green W10 system can also be connected to a heating system based on solar collectors and air / water heat pump. This system is also particularly well suited to well insulated houses where the stove is too powerful. We can then opt for the specific kit to maximize the transfer of energy to water. And if you want to favor the heating of the room, another kit is available.

An ecologically virtuous company and products

Tulikivi is also the first stove manufacturer in the world to calculate the carbon footprint of its products (production, transport, installation, use, administrative management, etc.). Thus, the consumer completely removes the carbon footprint from their stove after five months of use. Most Tulikivi stoves can be installed in BBC (Low Consumption Buildings) homes, offering technical, aesthetic and authentic solutions. They are eligible for the 15% tax credit, and even 26% if it is to replace an existing stove.

Tulikivi: various ranges of fireplaces

Tulikivi offers around sixty fireplaces that come in several ranges: - storage heaters operating with logs and / or pellets (or wood pellets). - mixed stoves, sources of additional heat. - stoves with design or classic lines, in color or in natural stone, to adapt to any room in the house. Some stoves even have a built-in oven. - small hybrid stoves (they accept wood or pellets), with low carbon emissivity, which can operate without electricity or electronics, with very high efficiency and whose autonomy is 24 hours. - and now "intelligent" chimney stoves with the W10 water heater system. To know more : www.tulikivi.com 01 40 21 25 65