Knife storage: practical and decorative solutions

Knife storage: practical and decorative solutions

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In the kitchen, no good dishes without good knives! And to store them safely, without damaging their blades and decorating your kitchen, there are innovative solutions. Knife blocks, magnetic bars: find out how to store your kitchen knives.

Magnetic bars to store your knives

For economical and very practical storage, we will turn to a magnetic bar. Like a splashback kit, the magnetic bar is fixed to the wall, above your work surface for example and you just have to place the knives there. This solution has many advantages. First of all, it is a real space-saving solution because you use the wall surface for storage and free up space in the drawers. Your knives are safely stored and you don't risk cutting yourself by searching the drawers. Finally, your knives are protected since the blades do not rub between them. Note also that this is a low-cost solution because you will find bars for around twenty euros.

Knife blocks, practical and aesthetic

Knife blocks are a new way to store your knives but also to dress your worktop. It is actually a block of wood or plastic that has imprints to slide the knives. These are then highlighted on a beautiful base, the blade is protected for safety reasons but also so that the knife always cuts as well. Know that you will find blocks that already include knives and other "universal" that will accommodate the knives that you already own. If you can, favor a block of the same brand as your knives so that the prints are optimized for your models.