Take out the slates for a decorative lesson in the living room!

Take out the slates for a decorative lesson in the living room!

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The back-to-school bell rang for the children and they found the school benches. For parents, the start of the school year is in decoration and we will have to take out our slate (at low prices) for the decoration of the living room. Decorative lesson!

Slates on the walls

To dress your walls, slate will be a sensation! It will allow you to change your decor according to your needs by giving you the opportunity to write a note for your family, to write the list of races not to forget or to write down the menu for the evening. You will find simple school slates from 2 euros that you can fix on the wall. Do not hesitate to play the accumulations for an even more decorative effect. For an even more original style, there are also stickers that react like a chalkboard and that will allow you to write in chalk. Also think about the paint that can give this effect: then paint a door or a wall to create a wall of expression.

Slates for aperitif

When the aperitif time rings in the living room, the slate also pulls out of the game! You will indeed find plates which take up this look but also a whole series of small dishes to present the appetizers or trays to serve cheese during your dinner aperitifs. All at very reasonable prices. The aperitif is then both fun and reminiscent of the school years but also very chic with this inimitable black which will sublimate all your preparations. It's up to you to find the right balance between these two trends.