What are the different types of paint?

What are the different types of paint?

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Answer: water-based paints (acrylic, vinyl and alkyd) and oil-based paints (glycerol, epoxy and polyurethane).

The two main types of paints are water paints and oil paints. The most common of water-based paints is acrylic paint, which has many advantages (no smell, quick drying), but there are also vinyl paints (which blend very well with pigments) and alkyd paints. (ideal for lacquer). As for oil paints, we can cite oil-based paint, epoxy paint (very resistant) and polyurethane paint. Besides, there are lots of special paints that have been designed for specific uses like glass paint or radiator paint. Nature-conscious people will be delighted to learn that there are also organic paints on the market! You too, send us your brico question