My radiators gurgling when I turn them on. Is this normal?

My radiators gurgling when I turn them on. Is this normal?

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Answer: it is certainly a problem of sludge heating.

When the radiators start making gurgling noises, it is generally a sign of a sludge in your heating system, which means that it contains deposits in its circuits. Other signs and symptoms should confirm the "diagnosis" such as a much more frequent activation of the boiler, or poor circulation and distribution of heat throughout the installation. To resolve the problem, it is necessary to clear the affected radiator (s). The best is obviously to call on a professional to carry out this operation. Three methods are possible: the chemical method which consists of injecting products into the circuit water, the mechanical method via the injection of high pressure air into the water, and finally the ecological method which consists in installing a device permanently dedicated to the circuit. You too, send us your brico question