What is porphyry paving stone?

What is porphyry paving stone?

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Answer: an unalterable pad for playing with colors.

Porphyry, or quartz diorite, is a hard rock born from the solidification of a molten rock itself coming from magma. Suffice to say that it is unalterable. The porphyry paver is therefore a paver made of natural stone, in the same way as granite, sandstone or blue stone. Particularity, its very fine grain and the presence of crystals make it aesthetic. In addition, its natural colors vary significantly depending on the geological origins of this magmatic rock. We thus find red, yellow, brown, ocher, gray and even purple porphyry pavers, which allows us to play with colors. Porphyry adapts to all installation patterns, but it offers a particularly harmonious appearance to pavements in an arc, fan or peacock's tail. On sale, its thickness and width vary from 4 to 20 centimeters. Porphyry pavers can therefore be used for many works and its solidity makes paving very resistant. You too, send us your brico question