What is an electric octopus?

What is an electric octopus?

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Answer: a complete electrical installation ready to install.

An electric octopus is a pre-wired electrical installation, or in other words ready to install. It therefore naturally consists of several conduits, all connected to a junction box. Each conduit contains a certain number of electric cables which will be used for the installation of switches, sockets, etc. Made to measure from house plans, the electric octopus saves time and labor. However, be careful to comply with all the rules regarding electrical installation. Each installation must in fact be validated by an approved professional (this is the Consuel). For a T4 or T5 type home, plan between 3 and 5 electric octopuses. All electric octopuses must be connected to a distribution board, which must absolutely remain accessible (in the garage, a storeroom, etc.). You too, send us your DIY question.