The orange color to wake up your kitchen

The orange color to wake up your kitchen

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Do you want pop food straight out of the 70s? Bringing lots of vitamins, orange is the ideal color that will give you cheerfulness and vitality in the preparation of your meals.

Orange, the color of conviviality

One of the symbolics of orange is to stimulate energy and bring joy. According to color specialists, orange is often associated with gastronomy and food. It would have the power, once placed in your kitchen, to stimulate you: whet your appetite and facilitate digestion.

Which shades to favor?

If you want to bring orange into your kitchen, favor soft and natural colors. Go for the color of spices and delights! Trendy versions like<< tajine orange >> or the<< orange mocha >> which draw towards the spicy color of the <>, will immediately bring to the kitchen a warm decor and conducive to gastronomy.

Cooking in harmony

Attention, do not decline all of your furniture and your household appliances in the same shades of orange. You can initially opt for more pink tones. << Salmon orange >> will bring a certain sweetness to your kitchen. Another solution: a few touches of << Naples yellow >>, a shade ranging from a pale yellow to an orange-yellow ocher, will also offer a pleasant sunny atmosphere. Discover our orange selection for the kitchen.