The attic, a great storage space!

The attic, a great storage space!

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With their windows which open onto the sky, the roof spaces offer an undeniable charm but are often badly exploited. Too many angles, quirky layout ... The sloping surface, however, offers many development possibilities! Cupboards, library, even mini-dressing room, the space saved is such that it really deserves that we dwell on it.

Arrange a dressing room or closet

If the height between the ground and the sloping roof allows you, arrange a dressing room or a closet under your roof! Because sloping rooms are difficult to furnish, this choice will avoid the headache associated with installing a cabinet. Quite simple to make yourself if you are a little handyman, the closet is fitted with cleats, medium panels and rails if you opt for sliding doors. For more convenience, you can skip the installation step by replacing them with pretty curtains! If you are not manual, call on a specialized brand (Lapeyre, Leroy merlin ...) who will offer you a tailor-made model with the dressing of your choice.

Transform your attic into a reading corner

The library is an interesting storage option. It also has the advantage of being able to be fitted out with classic furniture, without necessarily calling for made-to-measure. Low furniture or modules installed side by side will provide you with a nice storage area for your books and various files. A few floor cushions or a comfortable armchair installed next to it, and here is a nice reading corner that is taking shape! Ideas for attic development to discover!