The toad armchair: an original seat

The toad armchair: an original seat

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The small toad armchair, with its roundness and its stylish furniture spirit, crosses the ages. He hasn't changed too much since his birth in the 19th century under Louis-Phillipe. We find it padded, with its feet covered with a frill or bare, in velvet or linen and we always appreciate it for its "compact" furniture side, which squeezes into the smallest rooms. In its 21st century versions, it becomes more practical with castors, adorns itself with new materials and above all, it dares to color, sometimes very flashy! So where to find the toad today? At what price ? In what styles and materials? Follow the guide !

What style for my toad?

This historic chair blends in with all styles. You will find it in a "country house" version at the Comptoir de Famille brand (499 euros). Covered with a red gingham fabric, you can coordinate it with floral patterns to play on contrasts, but also with linen and beige colors. The toad also takes on baroque airs, with golden models and covered with red velvet. The designer of Red Rose armchairs notably offers the Moulin Rouge model. You will also find the toad at the distance selling specialist La Redoute, with a modern model available in linen at 219 euros. Note that the toad is available in almost endless colors! Lilac, orange, anise green, pink, fuchsia, gray, red, blue, ivory, black, large, brown, taupe, eggplant, yellow ... Go to the site or to the Hanjel brand.

Which subjects ?

On the material side, velvet, both modern and comfortable, is often featured. At Zenna, you will find linen models, including a revisited model with a slightly curved padded backsplash, the edges of the seat of which have been studded. For design lovers, the toad is also dressed in steel to combine style and modernity. And as there is something for everyone, the leather armchair version also exists!