4 mistakes to avoid for the children's playroom

4 mistakes to avoid for the children's playroom

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The real luxury for all children is to have a playroom where they can play endlessly in a space just for them! So if you are going to offer them a room dedicated to games, know that there are some mistakes to avoid. Here are our tips and tricks for planning and decorating this particular space.

The games room cannot be installed in the bedroom

The games room must be a real room and not just a space in a corner. Also, we exclude the room which must be dedicated to calm and we install the toys in another room. Note that this does not require considerable dimensions. You can thus place the playroom in a small office or a small room. Sometimes, the playroom can perfectly find its place in an unused place of the house. Think of the mezzanines, the attic rooms more difficult to access for adults or the attic which can be fitted to accommodate this room.

Not all coatings are suitable for this room

The games room is a place dedicated to children. When choosing the floor and wall covering, this element must therefore be taken into account. On the ground, fragile or messy coatings are avoided. So, instead of choosing a beautiful parquet, prefer a vinyl that imitates this material so that you can wash it in the blink of an eye. The carpet can certainly be pleasant, but it risks being stained at any time. So perhaps prefer a tile, very easy to clean, which you will warm with carpets that will wash more easily. For the walls, again, we think "washable" with paint or wallpaper that can be washed because you are not immune to a stroke of the pencil on the wall. Besides, to avoid this, you can simply choose a picture painting that will allow them to write on the lower part of the wall. We will then paint the upper part of another color and this will have the visual effect of creating a base.

The game room is not a mess

No question that the playroom is a room where the toys pile up so that it is difficult to enter! On the contrary, to make the most of this space, we optimize the storage space. Place toy chests, low shelves and crates for your kids to store their stuff. Do not hesitate to place taller storage space if you want certain toys to be accessible only with your authorization.

The game room doesn't have to be serious

In terms of decoration, don't forget that the games room is a space dedicated to children! So we leave aside the trendy neutral colors in the rest of the house and we put on lively and fun colors. Do not hesitate to involve your child in this choice. You can use patterned wallpaper or choose funny stickers to energize the walls. If your child wants a theme for his room, it may be in the playroom that you will be able to please him!