How to renovate a wall covered with lime?

How to renovate a wall covered with lime?

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Question from Joëlle


Answer: remove aged lime and apply new lime

Hello Joëlle, before redoing all your walls with lime, you will need to remove and clean all the walls covered with lime which has aged and which comes off in places. To do this, use a crowbar to detach it by plates and thus clean all the walls and prepare them for the new lime that you are going to lay. Then you will buy bagged lime. You will mix it with water in a steel container. Protect yourself from splashes: the water / lime reaction is impressive and corrosive. It lasts at least 2 hours. You will then filter the mixture using a colander and you can start painting with a paintbrush that will splash less than a roller. You will need to apply at least 5 coats! If you want a tinted lime, you will have to mix natural pigments with lime, dry, before mixing with water. You too, send us your decoration question