Little story of the dining table

Little story of the dining table

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If today almost everyone has a dining table, this has not always been the case! Besides, it was not until the 17th century that the first dining room appeared. Discover the evolution of the dining table.

The origins of the dining table

You should know that originally, the Romans ate lying down so the dining table does not yet exist but we rather use side tables arranged near the bed. From the 7th century, we will have boards on trestles with benches, that's why we use the expression "set the table". It was not until the Renaissance that the first fixed tables appeared.

The evolution of the dining table

From the 17th century, the first dining rooms appeared but it was not until the 18th century that they became widespread. These are mainly round mahogany tables. The styles will then follow the fashions and the dining tables will evolve at the same time as the rest of the furniture. Today, the dining table takes a lot of freedom. Thus, it can be round, square, rectangular or even oval and the materials are almost endless. Wood, glass, plastic, concrete, metal thus give the style of the dining room. Discover our selection of dining tables: