Video: make a romantic painting with recycled objects

Video: make a romantic painting with recycled objects

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went to meet Isabelle Outrebon, creator brimming with ideas from the Ebullition collective. Claiming a form of relaxed creation, Isabelle puts above all the emphasis on fantasy and fun. The important thing is not the quality of the work but the good humor with which it was fashioned. This is the case for her abstract creations on which she does not hesitate to confront the old with the new and the flat with relief. In this video, she explains how she recycled an old frame and petticoat into a romantic work of art. Make a beautiful decorative element with him and in less than three hours!

What you need:

- A frame - A petticoat - A piece of plywood the size of the frame - Old magazines - Varnish glue for paper and news: 739845 fabric - A hammer and nails - Scraps of fabric - Various haberdashery items

The composition of your painting

First of all, it is essential to sand your frame using sandpaper. Then cover your piece of cotton plywood, which you will attach to the back with pins. The canvas must be tight. Start composing your painting using scraps of fabric, magazines and haberdashery items. Try to alternate textures and colors to create a homogeneous mix of materials. Prefer the edges since the petticoat will be placed in the middle.

Paste your items

Apply the glue directly on the cotton, and rest your fabrics and papers over it. The glue takes about five minutes to dry. Note that you can also apply glue to your elements because the varnish glue becomes transparent when it dries. However, favor strong glue for your elements in relief such as pins, buttons, spools of thread ...

The pose of the petticoat

Once your checkerboard is glued, you can put your petticoat in the center. Feel free to personalize it by adding discreet elements such as bows in different colors. To fix the petticoat, Isabelle uses a cotton thread reminiscent of the 1950s and therefore goes well with the rest of the painting. You just have to put the frame on your piece of plywood. To fix them together, use upholstery nails. Your painting is finished and you just have to hang it on the wall. It will constitute an atypical decorative element giving a vintage spirit to your room! Find out more! Immerse yourself a little more in Isabelle's world with her interview! Discover the Ebullition collective!


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