Which rugs to choose for sunny days?

Which rugs to choose for sunny days?

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Put your interior in summer mode by putting away your winter rugs! Those of summer are celebrating and will energize your decor with their colors and shapes.

The importance of a carpet

Beyond its indisputable decorative role in all your living spaces, the carpet can become an accessory in its own right. It can be used to delimit two rooms such as the living room and the dining room for example, participate in the soundproofing of your space or even avoid the unpleasant coldness of a tiled floor. As it fully contributes to the enhancement of your interior decoration, it is also important to match it with your style and your furniture.

Choose the right color

Because a carpet can bring pep's to a neutral decoration, reinforce the dynamics of your room or underline the style of this one, the choice of its color is essential. In a decor where color already dominates, opt for a carpet in pastel or even solid colors to moderate the atmosphere. If on the other hand, you want to warm up, give a boost and summer freshness to your contemporary interior, choose rugs in strong colors, but with refined patterns to preserve your style. Conversely, in a neutral decor, let go! Adopt carpets with acidulous tones like orange, turquoise blue, plum, yellow, which you will slip under your tables, or better yet, which you will scatter in your home sweet home to bring rhythm. They are perfect for enhancing dark, narrow rooms like hallways or hallways.

In which room ?

All of them! Provided you follow a few rules. Avoid, like paint and wallpaper, colors like red for bedrooms. For this living room, choose blue, mauve, green or pastel shades.

Shapes and fibers

Round, square, rectangular, carpets take all shapes today to bring dynamism to your rooms. For this summer, break the codes and mix styles! Also store your long wicking and wool rugs, perfect for winter, to adopt those made of cotton or lighter bamboo. The choice of these natural materials will immediately bring a feeling of freshness to your room.