Optimizing storage under the bed

Optimizing storage under the bed

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We forget it sometimes but the bed is a great storage space. Today there are a host of boxes, covers and various accessories that are adapted to this particular surface and allow to store quilts, bed linen, clothes, shoes, and a thousand other things. How can we optimize this often untapped space? Explanations.

Choosing the right material

If you still haven't chosen your bed, there is still time to let yourself be tempted by a drawer model. Already integrated into the bed frame, they have the advantage of perfectly protecting your belongings from light and dust. If you already have a bed, do not hesitate to invest in suitable storage accessories. Boxes with casters in rigid plastic, pop-up storage with compartments for shoes, flexible covers… There are a thousand and one solutions to invest the surface located under the bed. The latter does not have a standard height, since it all depends on the feet you have chosen to raise the box spring. On the other hand, the storage boxes are 15 cm high for most of them. So think about buying your footboards accordingly!

The vacuum bag

New to the world of box spring storage, the retractable cover is an invention that you will no longer be able to do without! The principle is simple: you put your clothes, bed linen, duvets and pillows inside; once closed using a waterproof slide, you stick the hose of your vacuum cleaner to the hole provided for this purpose. By sucking the air inside the cover, you compress your belongings and reduce the volume of the cover, which you can then easily slide under the bed. A tremendous space saving to test urgently!