Samsung Crystal Blue: the connected washing machine

Samsung Crystal Blue: the connected washing machine

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Thanks to Samsung, the washing machine has an extraordinary intelligence. Gifted, efficient, respectful of the linen, noisy and ecological, it is also very aesthetic. Its sleek design and its 5 inch touch screen make it fit into the most contemporary interiors. Samsung's Crystal Blue is also very self-contained and can be controlled remotely. Review of details of a connected washing machine for the less innovative.

A state-of-the-art washing machine

We dreamed of it, Samsung did it! Now it is possible to control your washing machine by smartphone. WiFi therefore makes it possible to launch or interrupt a program remotely, or even to follow step by step the progress of a washing cycle for maintenance of no-stress laundry. The advantage of this real technological revolution is to be able to better control your washing machine without giving up your business, whether professional or leisure. Thus, the chore of washing is no longer an obstacle to freedom and the maintenance of the laundry becomes an absolute pleasure. Of course, at the slightest malfunction, the connected washing machine from Samsung sends an alert to your smartphone thanks to the combination of the Smart Care and Smart Control functions.

Samsung works for absolute respect for the environment

Responding to all environmental concerns, the connected washing machine from Samsung Electronics is a model. Intelligent, it is designed for automatic dosing of detergent to avoid excess thanks to the Auto Optimal Wash function. It analyzes both the level of soiling of the laundry as well as its weight and adapts the program time, the amount of water required, the washing cycle and the temperature. A must ! The maintenance of the linen can, thanks to a single command, be entrusted to any user, especially as Crystal Blue memorizes the most frequently used programs. Another ecological point: the Eco Bubble function allows you to inject air to make the detergent fluffy as desired. Even when cold, the laundry is free of stains and no detergent residue remains during rinsing.

Crystal Blue's highly specialized cycles

If the washing and rinsing times can be reduced, it is because the Samsung Crystal Blue washing machine is able to perform very specific and preprogrammed high speed cycles. The Super Speed ​​Wash function incorporates preset parameters according to the user's needs. Among its six programs, this washing machine offers for example "Active children", "Gardening", "Kitchen". It's up to each to choose their washing program according to the family's occupations for a completely clean cloth, free of traces of grass, plasticine, mud or grease residues.

Do your laundry in style

Definitely, this connected washing machine has everything to please. Intelligent, ultra efficient, silent - it does not exceed 46 dB: a feat! - Crystal Blue is beautiful. It even embodies the height of refinement in the field of household appliances. It must be said that its appearance was thought by a great automotive designer. Aerodynamic limit, it sports elegant curves, and its crystalline blue porthole is quite breathtaking in bright light. On the other hand, it offers large dimensions which facilitate the introduction of the linen into the judiciously raised drum, as well as its unloading. Washing machine Crystal Blue, WW10H9400 EW / ET, Samsung, recommended retail price: 1899 euros.