Video: make an artificial flower

Video: make an artificial flower

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News specialist: 739845 fabric and creative hobbies, Annette Geoffroy offers you here to learn how to make an artificial flower to embellish your jackets or give a touch of originality to your sleeves.

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Making an artificial flower: preparing the petals

To make an artificial flower, you need petals in actu: 739845 fabric of different sizes and different colors, a long pin with a pearl at the end to represent the pistil, a glue gun and a clip . Start by threading the pearl into your first petals, then stick it using the gun. If you don't have one, white glue is fine.

Making an artificial flower: flower finishes

To give more relief to your flower, take another petal, and stick it to the first by putting two dots of glue. Repeat the process several times, so that you have six petals on your artificial flower. All these petals will give fullness to your flower, and it will only be prettier. Cut off the protruding metal end of the stem, then glue the tie with a point of glue on the back of your artificial flower. You just have to tie it to embellish all your outfits and give them a touch of originality that will undoubtedly make you envious. Sad outfits disappear thanks to the advice of Annette Geoffroy. Watch the video Making an artificial flower on Produced by Minute Facile.