How to choose the electric power of your subscription?

How to choose the electric power of your subscription?

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Answer: you must first identify your consumption.

A real headache for a lot of people, the choice of electric power and the subscription that goes with it can have some unfortunate consequences if it is done incorrectly. Between repeated cuts with an undersized circuit breaker or the price of a subscription that is too high, the choice is therefore very important. First criterion to take into account when choosing your electrical power, your electrical installation and the power of your electrical appliances. On average, a single person living in a dwelling of around thirty square meters can be satisfied with a power of 3 kVA. In the case of a couple with appliances of the washing machine and dishwasher type, the power may be doubled. In an "all electric" home, a power of 9 kVA will probably be the minimum. Beyond 9 kVA, you live in a very large house and let a multitude of electrical devices run at the same time. video id = "0" / Our practical decoration videos


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