What if we decorated in an Art Deco spirit?

What if we decorated in an Art Deco spirit?

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The Art Deco style is in full swing this season. Exhibition dedicated to the City of Architecture, restored monuments from this period, fashion inspired by its optimism and objects displaying its rigor make us want to revamp his house in this spirit. Forward for a historic shopping trip that takes you back in time!

A state of mind

The Art Deco style dates from the 1925 universal exhibition held in Paris. Appearing just after the Second World War and taking the opposite view from the Art Nouveau style, he seized rights and rigor. Also to adopt it with us, we will opt for a beautiful, fairly low dresser in Chicago medium wood, with rounded corners but very sober in its lines. Its imposing mass, associated with its curves, will host a lamp with geometric patterns with amber details that echo the style. In the bedroom or in the hall, it can be enhanced with a multifaceted mirror from Amadeus which reflects the light in every corner of the room.

Instill the mind

You can adopt the Art Deco style without investing in new imposing furniture. A simple notebook placed on your desk or on a tablet in the hallway which reproduces drawings from this period or which is inspired, on its cover, by the highly prized art of this period, will introduce you to style. A Chehoma standing lamp or coat stand or wrought iron wall hanger with a shelf for hanging hats will give new impetus to your style without doing too much! Our practical decoration videos


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