Mother's Day: a heart for mom

Mother's Day: a heart for mom

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For Mother's Day on May 25, do not forget the gift but above all, especially the little touches that make this day truly unique for your mom. In the disorder, we quote the breakfast in bed, the fresh croissants, an invitation to the restaurant or even a good cake very soft made by the children (non subliminal message intended for my family). For those who are lacking inspiration for the cake, we offer two chewable ideas that would melt the heart of any mom. The first solution requires a little bit of work but it is impressive and does not require having a multitude of utensils at home. It is a strawberry compote pie on which we will gently place hearts of shortcrust pastry. To go faster, the use of a heart-shaped cookie cutter will facilitate the realization but you can very well cut your shapes using a knife.
Photo credit: Philips If the task seems a little too difficult, we fall back on the classic, the family cake whose recipe is passed on from generation to generation. Whether it's the simple yogurt cake or the famous chocolate cake, the recipe for which you jealously keep secret, it doesn't really matter since the important thing is in the container. A heart-shaped mold like the Corolle heart mold by Emile Henry (€ 29.90) will simply but surely deliver the love message that you will send to your mom.
Photo credit: Emile Henry If these two recipes require the presence of an adult in the kitchen (for the use of the oven in particular), it is absolutely necessary that the children participate in the realization even if it is only a question of or a few steps to make them proud to say to their mom "I did it!". In this way, we are sure not to forget the final ingredient which is "a tear in the eye ". To accompany this Mother's Day cake, nothing like a sweet little word that you offer in the form of a poster "Happy Mother's Day" to download.


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